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DrillGuard applications

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To be an innovator, fostering efficient, safe, and cost-effective methods of downhole drilling.

Float Valves

DrillGuard Systems’ float valves are designed to perform. They are ideal for horizontal wells, and for drilling in the high-pressure and high-temperature zones of Wyoming, Pennsylvania, Ohio, North and South Dakota, north Louisiana (Haynesville Shale), and south Louisiana.
Our floats are made of 8620 steel alloy, heat treated to a Rockwell hardness of 55, then carburized and nickel-plated to prevent corrosion from H2S gas and drilling chemicals.

Distinctive Design

What makes them truly unique is their design, which includes the patented Delta Shaft. This three-quarter-inch triangular shaft adds strength and enables drilling fluids, such as LCM and drilling beads, to pass through, eliminating float failures and jamming caused by these materials.
We reduced the beveled angle of the dart — from 44 to 22 ½ degrees — to increase the sealing area with a metal-to-metal seal that eliminates rubber sealants.
The spring shield also provides several advantages. When the dart is compressed, the shield lowers over the Iconel spring and protects it from the “washing” effect caused by high-pressure fluids flowing past the spring. In the compressed position, the shield also acts as a stop, preventing spring distortion from over compression. And when the spring closes over the shaft guide bore, it prevents many of the mud-borne solids from entering the bore.

Available sizes:
  • 1R 
  • 2F3R 
  • 3 ½ IF 
  • 4R 
  • 5F6R